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Advancing Women Leaders Digital Academy

Empower women leaders with actionable steps and practices to scale the barriers they face in the workplace through online learning.

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Bring an Engaging, Instructor-Led Digital Academy to Women Leaders at Your Organization


How will you meaningfully deliver quality programming to women leaders in a virtual world?

Now is the time to reach and engage women in immersive and impactful leadership development programming through convenient virtual delivery.

Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders Digital Academy is a virtual learning experience designed to equip women with actionable steps and practices to address the barriers that impede their advancement in the workplace.

The Digital Academy covers the same research-backed content as our in-person Advancing Women Leaders Academy, but participants learn from the comfort of their remote, virtual workspace.

Leaders work through engaging and results-focused content at their own pace through online learning, either through Linkage’s Digital Platform or your organization’s own Learning Management System. Independent learning assignments include reading articles, listening to podcasts and watching videos—while also taking time for self-reflection and goal setting. The Digital Academy is a best-in-class leadership development course for women, designed to meet the unique needs of today’s virtual and remote workforce.

With more women leaving the workforce than ever before, it’s time to meaningfully support women leaders with instructor-led, immersive virtual programming.

The Advancing Women Leaders Digital Academy also includes expert instruction during interactive webinars and group exercises. Each program features peer group work, focused on completing assignments together as a team, and offers a great opportunity to foster stronger networks across an organization.

The Digital Academy is designed for organizations with multiple locations or that have a hard time getting leaders to step away for three consecutive days for in-person delivery.

Linkage also offers a combined in-person and digital learning experience for organizations looking to have the best of both worlds and meet the needs of their unique workforce.

What’s Included

  • 8 modules of online learning, delivered sequentially (typically over 8 weeks)
  • Offered through Linkage’s Digital Platform or your organization’s own Learning Management System
  • Highly interactive and reflective digital learning designed to drive results
  • Peer learning through group assignments and facilitation

An Innovative Approach

Based on the best practices in Linkage’s book, “Mastering Your Inner Critic and 7 Other High Hurdles to Advancement (McGraw-Hill, 2018), this online program addresses the seven Hurdles women face in the workplace.

Module 1 Foundations of AWL (includes Hurdles, Competency, Assessment, and Inner Critic)

Examine the business case for women in leadership and begin to explore the Inner Critic and the Hurdles facing women in the workplace—as well as the competencies needed to overcome them, through a debrief of your AWL 360° Assessment.

Module 2 Bias Hurdle

Evaluate the effects of implicit bias on the advancement of women and analyze the biases keeping women leaders from advancing. Experience a guided exploration of internalized biases holding you back and keeping you from empowering and inspiring others.

Module 3 Clarity Hurdle

Take a deep look at your calling, values, and dreams—and begin to create the workspace needed to allow you to become the leader you want to be. Analyze and begin to apply the importance of reflection and mindfulness.

Module 4 Proving Your Value Hurdle

Shift from “doing it all” to influencing, inspiring and equipping others for success, and begin to apply best practices to publicize your value as a leader and multiplier.

Module 5 Recognized Confidence Hurdle

Confront the global gender gap in confidence and develop an Experience Map based on your personal experience as a leader. You will also begin work on your Individual Growth Plan, which will empower you to identify how to take risks and move outside your comfort zone.

Module 6 Branding and Presence Hurdle

Learn how to “show up” in a way that both furthers your goals and brings value to your organization. Dive into the results of your AWL 360º Assessment to examine your own organization and identify how you can best demonstrate that you belong at the leadership level.

Module 7 Making the Ask Hurdle

Learn to advocate for yourself by analyzing the external and internal biases holding you back in the workplace. Learn the four steps to Making the Ask, and practice negotiation conversations that build trust—and achieve positive outcomes.

Module 8 Networking Hurdle

Analyze and apply the best practices needed to network effectively and with purpose, an especially critical skill for women leaders looking to advance.

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Multiply Your Impact

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