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Creating Cultures of Inclusion

Organizations in the top quartile for ethnic and cultural diversity are 35% more likely to post better financial performance.*

And yet, organizations continue to struggle to build cultures that truly value and appreciate difference.

Are you encouraging and empowering leaders at your organization to lead inclusively?

Linkage research shows that companies that develop leaders who do things for a purpose and with a purpose enjoy 2x stronger revenue growth, 4x profit growth and 9x employee engagement. These Purposeful Leaders stand above the rest in the five core competencies correlated with effective leadership: Inspire, Innovate, Engage, Achieve and Become.

Here’s what else our research shows—these highly effective Purposeful Leaders are also highly inclusive in their leadership styles. They manage effectively across generational, ethnic, racial, gender, or other identity lines. And they lead with an authenticity that inspires their teams to communicate openly and thrive together.

Linkage’s Creating Cultures of Inclusion solution is a practical framework to assess, evaluate, and accelerate inclusive leadership qualities in leaders at all levels.

We empower organizations to elevate their leaders’ capabilities in the areas most closely correlated with inclusive leadership. This framework is based on decades of work with more than one million leaders worldwide.

*McKinsey, Delivering through Diversity report, 2018



Establish benchmarks and strategies to develop inclusive leaders.

Building cultures of inclusion starts with the data. Linkage’s research-based leadership development assessment is designed to identify critical areas of opportunity for inclusive leadership practices.

Purposeful Leadership® 360° Assessment with Inclusion Scale
Enable your leaders to examine their ability to lead inclusively and identify key opportunities to improve their ability to engage and lead across difference through this diagnostic 360° assessment.
Inclusive Organization Analysis
Equip your organization with the critical benchmark data and leading indicators needed to develop a comprehensive strategy to build an inclusive organization.

Equip individual leaders with inclusive leadership development.

Build cultures of inclusion by equipping leaders in your organization with the hands-on skills and knowledge they need to effectively lead across difference.

Face-to-Face or Digital
Leading With A Mindset of Inclusion
Empower leaders across your organization to create and foster cultures of inclusion, available 100% virtually or on-site at your organization.
Face-to-Face or Digital
Leading with a Mindset of Inclusion for Executives
Designed specifically for executive leaders, equip senior leadership with the knowledge and skills to create cultures of inclusion. Available 100% virtually or on-site at your organization.

​Partner with Linkage to create a culture of inclusion at your organization.

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Diversity expert Trudy Bourgeois provides the roadmap to a place called “deep democracy,” where cultures level the playing field, unleash potential, and afford everyone an equal opportunity to authentically contribute at their highest level.

Your partner to develop inclusive leaders

We are proven.

With decades of experience working with organizations on inclusion-focused initiatives, we have a legacy of results in this critical area.

We're focused on results.

Our interactive learning experiences are designed to equip leaders with the hands-on skills and knowledge they need to lead inclusively and actively contribute to cultures of inclusion.

We are people focused.

At our core, we’re a person-to-person organization and we thrive on building relationships. Our expert consultants bring decades of experience to the inclusion conversation.

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