Linkage’s Just-in-Time Coaching

Designed to give leaders critical access to a coach who can give them critical feedback, in the moment.

Leaders are being tasked with more than ever; Expectations are greater, the stakes are higher, and the dilemmas being faced every day are more complex than ever. Each day – each minute – you are dealing with a myriad of new concerns, issues, and decisions that impact your teams and your organization.

Leaders need in the moment support and guidance. They need a resource that understands their business, their leadership goals, and what they are facing — and they need immediate access, before a critical moment passes.

Linkage’s Just-in-Time Coaching is designed to give leaders critical access to a coach who can give them critical feedback, in the moment.

This coaching engagement combines a series of 60-minute and 30-minute coaching sessions to give leaders the personalized, individual support they need to rise to the challenge of leading a changed world. 30-minute sessions are available to leaders on-demand, which means they can encounter an issue or a challenge in the morning and be able to speak to with their coach for 30 minutes just a few hours later. 60-minute sessions are planned in advance, giving leaders the opportunity to prepare and reflect on their greater development strategy or issues that they want to focus on.

During coaching sessions, Linkage’s expert executive coaches, each bringing decades of experience in corporate coaching, focus on unique leadership dilemmas executives face in a world changed by a deepening public health and economic crisis.

Linkage’s Just-in-Time Coaching is designed for leaders of any level who are looking to gain access to immediate, critical insights from an expert coach.

Learning Outcomes

During 30-minute sessions:

  • Engage quick discussions to quickly solve for your most pressing needs right when you need it
  • Gain clarity which may lead to possibly reframing or identifying a new problem to be solved
  • Create the space to allow yourself to see new perspectives
  • Quickly generate possibilities, ideas, potential solutions
  • Uncover barriers to effectively engage your team, peers and others

During 60-minute sessions:

  • Create a short-term plan on how to engage your team differently in this new reality
  • Support in creating a short-term and long-term business strategy
  • The ability to understand the importance of and lead more inclusively and effectively resulting in a highly engaged team
  • A commitment to at least one action around needed behavioral changes to lead inclusively and engage the team differently
  • A new and deeper self-awareness of strengths and opportunities in your leadership


What’s Included

  • 3, 30-minute on-demand coaching sessions, designed to allow coachees to access their coach the same day, for immediate feedback and insights
  • 3, 60-minute coaching sessions, scheduled every other month over six months
  • Development planning as part of the coaching

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