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Managing Change and Transition

Leading Organizational Transition: Train-The-Trainer
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Mark Hannum

Senior Vice President of Research & Development

“Every organization deals with change—it’s how they manage that change that makes them successful or unsuccessful. Change isn’t just about having a project plan, key actions, and strategy—it’s about engaging your talent and helping them to become active ambassadors.


It Isn’t Just About Process —It’s About People

In business, change is a constant, and it tends to come with good intention and good reason. But if your organizational culture doesn’t keep your teams ready to implement and support change, you’re likely to meet resistance—not to mention a loss of productivity and morale. Create stronger, more resilient teams by taking the human approach to change and transition management.

Teach your leaders and teams to understand and deal with uncertainty. Teach them to let go of the “old” so that they can move forward. Teach them to take charge of their own transition.
The truth is that businesses don’t make change successful—people do. Prepare your people for change readiness so that when change comes, they’re ready to embrace it and take on anything that comes their way while staying positive, motivated, and productive.

Prepare your people for change readiness. Learn a proven approach.

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Build stronger leaders and a stronger organization with our one-on-one coaching services.

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Our workshops use real-life business challenges for immediate application on the job.

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Measure and benchmark change readiness with individual and team assessments.

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Customized Solutions

Drive successful change with custom programs tailored to your objectives.



The Essence of Life Lies in Transition

February 16, 2017, Susan Bridges

Transition is at the heart of renewal and transformation. Renewal can occur whenever you relinquish something significant and follow life’s invitation towards new energy and a fresh purpose.

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How Can Linkage Help You?

You can’t succeed in implementing change if you don’t have the support of your talent. That’s why we take the human approach to change—an approach that recognizes the importance that change not happen to your teams, but because of them.

Take our assessments to discover your strengths and opportunities, clarify your strategy and communication approach with senior leadership, gain an in-house resource with our train-the-trainer programs, or give your leaders one-on-one coaching. The options are endless and all lead to one outcome: better prepared leaders and stronger, more resilient talent.

Embrace Change