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How Women Leaders Can Empower Others – and Themselves – by Delegating

Women leaders must shift from doing it all to influencing, equipping and enabling others. By delegating, women leaders can prove their value—inspiring and empowering those around them.

The “Perfectionist” Trap: How Women Leaders See Their Value at Work—and How They Can Break Through in 2023

Linkage research shows that women leaders are confident in their ability to lead at the highest levels. But they need to learn how to utilize this confidence, demonstrate their value, and self-promote to enact real progress in their careers.

International Women’s Day 2022 | Women Leaders Who Inspire Us

This International Women’s Day, the Linkage team is reflecting on the women leaders who inspire us every day.

5 Conversations with Women Leaders That Will Inspire You This International Women’s Day | Molly Fletcher’s Game Changers

Check out this curated list of five of our favorite podcast episodes from Game Changers with Molly Fletcher, featuring some truly extraordinary women leaders.

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Futurist Oshoke Abalu Shares 4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make the Future of Work (and Life) More Inclusive

Linkage partner and Futurist, Oshoke Abalu explains what makes Superpowers & Symphony so transformative—and invites you to a new future of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

How to Empower Your Team to Face and Embrace Change at Work

2020 was an unexpected and challenging year for many leaders. Here are four tactics you can use to empower your team to deal with change at work.

What Effective Executive Action Looks Like | 6 Steps to Amplifying Inclusive Leadership

Discover 6 steps to amplifying inclusive leadership at your organization. These steps must start with those who have the power and privilege at the executive level if we ever hope to drive real and sustainable change.

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