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What will you be?

It’s the simple yet powerful daily practices that help us grow the most as leaders, teammates, parents, partners and friends. As we prepare to welcome over 700 women leaders to Dallas for our Women in Leadership Institute, I’m excited to share some seeds of wisdom inspired by my recent conversation with a past participant, Rochelle Brown of FedEx Ground.

Getting to know Women in Leadership Institute keynote faculty Judy Smith

We’re extremely proud to have Judy Smith, one of the most sought-after and powerful crisis management experts in the country, as part of our Women in Leadership Institute keynote faculty.

Getting to know Linkage’s Jillian Maver Ihsanullah

We’re humbled and proud to announce that our own Dr. Jillian Maver Ihsanullah has been named to the Profiles in Diversity Journal’s Women Worth Watching® list.

Academy Award-winner Geena Davis will co-chair our Women in Leadership Institute

Geena Davis has seen the impact our Women in Leadership Institute can make on the lives and careers of women, and she’s going to be presenting at this year’s event in Phoenix, Arizona, from November 2-5.

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Women in leadership: Stop underestimating yourselves!

Ever wonder how accurately women measure their own strengths? Recent Linkage research suggests, not very well. In fact research shows that women routinely underestimate the caliber of their skills and strengths…

Executive presence is not just an act

But you can learn how to improve your executive presence from an actor (among others). Here are some strategies for staying present when you are leading a virtual meeting or webinar…

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