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Movement by design: Increase engagement during meetings

These days it’s impolite to tap away on a phone, a gadget that releases nervous energy, during a meeting. But if we ban cell phones, how can we address the loss of focus that results from sitting still in meetings and presentations? Here are a few ways to get started.

The path to purposeful leadership starts with you

We sorted fact from fiction to determine what separates great leaders from the rest. Our data from nearly a million leaders worldwide revealed five key commitments that separate the best from the rest.

Is It The End of Work As We Know It?

The new work world requires that we “know ourselves,” know our “value proposition,” and become intrapreneurial lifelong learners. Are you and your team prepared for this new normal?

Tales of Organizational Transformation: My Moment of Truth with IIE

Organizational change starts with getting to the root cause of the problem—and rallying your people to help create the solution. This is a critical (and often painful) first step. Learn how one of the world’s most reputable non-profits started the rebuilding process and ultimately equipped 650 employees to create a culture shift.

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What Is Your Reason for Getting Up in the Morning?

A calling is the natural impulse to want to add value. It is about more than doing a job. It is about recognizing your inner gifts and offering them in service of others. It is leadership in the truest sense of the word.

It’s time to get on the balcony

We live in a world of constant going and doing where we rarely stop and think. What if we each took a step back to examine who we are and where we are going? How would our world change?

Culture makes or breaks you

There is something about day three at Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development® that makes it different.

Getting to know GILD Co-Chair Richard Leider (video)

Richard Leider is the co-chair of our upcoming Global Institute for Leadership Development® and also a world-renowned speaker and author who specializes in helping people understand the power of purpose.

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