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Free Webinar | How Intersectionality + Unconscious Bias Are Affecting Women’s Advancement

Join our webinar on Wednesday, June 27 at 1:00 PM ET to hear from Linkage’s lead researcher, Jill Ihsanullah, Ph.D. She’ll share data on the direct correlation that exists between race and gender and the advancement of women aspiring to leadership positions.

(Spoiler alert) Overachievers, you’re limiting your potential

Overcompensating, over-delivering, doing it all ourselves, taking on too much… sound familiar? When we do this, we don’t leave room to step back and acknowledge that we need help. We also miss an opportunity to equip those around us with the knowledge that they need to learn and grow (and alleviate some of our burden along the way).

And the Award Goes To…

We are thrilled to announce that (drum roll please!) our 2016 Executive Impact Award winner is Jeannine Rivet, Executive Vice President of United Health Group.

Confession: I’m still over-rowing the boat

I must confess. I was the eye of my own storm just three days after my keynote address at our Women in Leadership Institute.

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