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Be still and be a better leader

The paradox of productivity is: In order to be a better, more productive leader, you must take time to quiet your mind and be still.

The best executive coaches “fit” with their clients

It may not be possible to develop an authentic commitment to executive coaching through sheer willpower alone. But you can develop a mindset, i.e. new ‘automatic’ cognitive messages, that will help you counter your own resistance to change.

IQ gets you hired. Emotional intelligence gets you promoted.

I was recently coaching a leader who had the potential to do great things. I’m sure you know this type of person—smart, quick, articulate and out to prove he is the smartest person in the room. All that was missing was a little thing called emotional intelligence. And that “little” thing was holding him back.

11 elements of great executive coaching

These 11 elements are built on the belief that every coach (every employee and employer, really) has the responsibility to give every assignment their best effort because consistent best effort leads to great performance.

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The refreshing power of a “reluctant” leader

Reluctant leaders don’t make false promises and they have the rare ability to courageously clarify reality, frame realistic expectations, and engender resilience.

GrassRoots leadership in the…Navy?

GrassRoots leadership inspires people to share the responsibility of achieving excellence.

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