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Is your organization suffering from “climate change?”

We’ve come to realize that climate change is quite simply, the ultimate change event. And while we’ve known about climate change for a long time now, it’s happening faster than we can successfully manage. Turns out, this same phenomenon affects many organizations.

Your organization must be ‘change-able’

Every leader and organization must have the ability to evolve, adapt, and even predict market shifts. In short, leaders and organizations must be change-able.

Compassion + communication = culture change

Change is a lot easier when your employees are fully on board with what you’re trying to do and are equipped to handle the normal human reactions that whole-scale change is guaranteed to bring about.

Managing the human side of change (video)

As you’ll see in the following video clip, “change” is only half the challenge. Managing the human side of change—transitions—is the key.

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Empowerment trumps authority

Authority can compel action but it does little to inspire belief. It’s not enough to get people to do what you want, they also have to want what you want or any change is bound to be short lived.

The 10-point change checklist

Moving an organization to the next level is not easy. It’s not routine. It’s not “business as usual.” And it takes committed leadership and the combined force of three very different types of individuals—experts, networkers, and passionate champions.

The secret to employee engagement (Part 1)

Engaged employees have tremendous pride and job ownership, they put forth more discretionary effort in terms of time and energy and, on average, demonstrate significantly higher levels of performance and productivity than those who are not engaged.

Change happens in the…Middle

Many change efforts fail because people reduce themselves to checking boxes in safe, defensible systems. Successful change leaders, on the other hand, are open, bold, innovative, and are usually in middle management.

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