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Want innovative answers to complex problems? Ask “What?” not “Why?”

Asking “What would happen if…” is the most powerful way to begin understanding the difference between the current state and some future state an organization wants to achieve.

Top 5 posts of Q2 2015

All of the stories that made our most recent top 5 list demonstrate the power that the emotional elements of leadership can have on your organization.

Small teams innovate while larger teams legislate

Teams expert and best-selling author Patrick Lencioni has literally written the book on teams. So, when he noticed his own 10-person team was taking too long to make decisions and generate new ideas, guess who came up with the solution?

How to unlock the power of “Tribal Leadership”

Not all tribes are created equal. In fact, some can be quite toxic and highly counterproductive to organizational effectiveness. The good news is that with the right leadership, any tribe can be developed to achieve its maximum potential. But you need to know what levers to pull…

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What do sea turtles have to do with innovation?

Innovation expert Jeremy Gutsche has been described as an “Intellectual can of Red Bull.” But Jeremy is also a master at distilling and delivering wisdom in a way that can help us all be better leaders.

Master “managing up” in minutes

It’s easy to see the value of having a leadership agenda for yourself, but what many emerging leaders neglect to investigate is the leadership agenda of their boss.

Your top 5 posts from March

The most-viewed blog post in March explores subjects that we all can relate to—stress, work, getting stuff done. And the cool thing is our new “Blogger of the Month” Marty Jordan provides real insight on how calming down, being mindful, and taking time to think can make you a better leader.

Collaboration or competition? Developing an innovative mindset

Contrary to the popular myth that only “gifted creative types” have the ability to innovate, an innovative mindset can be learned and developed in both individuals and organizations.

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