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Free Webinar | Innovate the Way You Innovate: 3 Ways to Get Started

Join bestselling author and speaker Stephen Shapiro on June 26 to learn why innovation isn’t just about generating occasional new ideas—it’s about staying consistently one step ahead of the competition.

Great Leaders Learn from Tension: 10 Truths From #GILDAsia

We welcomed over 400 attendees from 17 countries to Linkage’s first-ever Global Institute for Leadership Development in Singapore in July. There were countless moments that left us inspired, energized and wanting more. Here are ten powerful insights that were too good not to share…

Webinar Recording | Self-Leadership: The Ultimate Leadership Challenge

Life coach and GILD co-chair Richard Leider shared practical advice for how to uncover your personal why—and why it matters. Listen to his recent webinar.

Facing your own vulnerability takes courage

This is the fifth story in our “Leaders Who Inspire Us” series. In these candid one-on-one interviews, we will feature senior leaders who are doing more than a job—they are fulfilling a personal mission to drive change.

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Get ready for today’s GILD keynote speaker Nando Parrado

In addition to being an incredible tale of human survival, GILD keynote speaker Nando Parrado’s inspirational story provides valuable leadership lessons for the survival of organizations.

Get ready for today’s GILD keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche

Being the best typewriter company in the computer age is a dubious achievement.

Is security or freedom more important in today’s workforce?

The price of “freedom” requires the courage to believe that your unique talents have value. But the price of the illusion of “security” often requires much bigger sacrifices.

The toxic effects of communication triangulation

This is the fifth in a series of posts on Systems Thinking by Linkage Principal Consultant Mark Hannum. He admits that the series will probably reveal too much about who he is, and why he does what he does.

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