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Advancing Women Leaders

Advancing Women Leaders: A Q&A with Chris Hause

In this blog series, we’ll be sharing leadership advice from our 2018 Executive Impact Award recipients. Today, Chris Hause from Kaiser Permanente shares lessons to live and lead by—and why articulating who you want to be matters more than you think.

Announcing the Winners of our 2018 Women in Leadership Executive Impact Award

Drum roll, please! I’m thrilled to announce the 2018 recipients of Linkage’s Women in Leadership Executive Impact Award.

Inviting Men to the Women in Leadership Conversation: A Q & A with Eva Helén

Eva Helén, founder and CEO of EQ Inspiration, shares her biggest challenge working as a woman leader in a male dominated industry, the downside to #metoo, inherent gender differences, and the noteworthy mission of her latest venture.

Did you see us on prime time?! Linkage featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes

I’m really thrilled at how far Linkage has come. I have to admit that our appearance on 60 Minutes on Sunday night was unequivocally a high point for me during my 20+ years here. For those of you who haven’t seen it, take a few minutes to watch the clip now.

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Tripping Over Our Own Bias [And Why It Doesn’t Serve Us]

We all have biases–conscious and unconscious. Both ways impact behavior. We automatically assume things about people born and raised in certain cities, countries, regions, etc. We judge people by how they look or present themselves to the world. We don’t do it on purpose, but we are all guilty of some sort of bias and judgment. Imagine if you unknowingly carry these thoughts into the workplace.

Women Leaders, It’s Time to Glide (not jump) Over the Hurdles in Front of Us

The reality is that bias—and the other hurdles in the workforce may be impacting us. The good news is that we can control these and they can actually help us advance. The behavior change starts with us.

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