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Build a Pipeline of
Diverse Leaders

In the next five years, 84% of organizations expect a shortfall of leaders.

And, with 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 each day, we’re heading toward a leadership crisis in the United States. Each year, accomplished leaders retire faster than we can fill or ready their replacements, resulting in a shortfall of leaders ready and equipped to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

It’s not enough for organizations to merely identify the talent—we must accelerate the readiness of these leaders, so they can rise to the increasingly complex challenges of today’s work environment.

Here’s the good news: Organizations have a new, diverse population of high-performing employees, and for the first time, most new working-age hires in the US are people of color.* That means a diverse pipeline of talentand future leaders who deserve development opportunities.

Organizations and teams thrive when they’re being led by the right person, at the right time. And in today’s ever-evolving and changing landscape, organizations must commit to accelerating the leadership readiness of diverse leaders to meet diverse needs.

Are you readying successors for key leadership positions fast enough?

Here at Linkage, we have developed a research-based Purposeful Leadership® and Advancing Women Leaders methodology to empower organizations to build a pipeline of leaders ready for the challenge.

Source: Washington Post

Build a Pipeline of Successful Leaders

Reach My On-the-Go Workforce Bring leadership development training to your geographically dispersed workforce through convenient virtual learning.

Digital Leadership Development
Purposeful Leadership®Essentials Package
Combine the very best of Purposeful Leadership development with self-paced learning and one-on-one coaching, all backed by personalized insights from a 360° assessment.
Digital Leadership Development
Purposeful Leadership® Essentials
Bring a self-paced digital learning program designed to equip leaders with the essentials of the research-backed Purposeful Leadership model.  
Digital Leadership Development
Advancing Women Leaders Essentials
Bring a self-paced digital learning program designed to equip women leaders with the skills and tools need to advance. 
Virtual Learning
Purposeful Leadership® Virtual Sessions
Empower your leaders with a core understanding of Purposeful Leadership—with the goal of creating better, more effective leaders, through a 4-or 8-module virtual learning experience.
Virtual Learning
Advancing Women Leaders Virtual Sessions
Reach your on-the-go workforce through convenient virtual leadership development, specifically designed for women. This 4- or 8-module virtual learning experience is designed to empower women leaders to recognize the hurdles that impede their advancement in the workplace—and help them identify tools and best practices to help overcome these barriers.
Virtual Learning
Leading With A Mindset of Inclusion Virtual Sessions
Empower your leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively lead across difference through convenient online learning.
Virtual Learning
Managing Organizational Transition Virtual Sessions
Equip individuals and teams with the skills and knowledge they need to deftly and effectively deal with and manage change and transition. In partnership with William Bridges and Associates.

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Leadership Pipelines, Built Together

A leadership partner you can trust.

You don’t have to go it alone. Effective and impactful leadership development is a big undertaking, and our 30 years of experience in this field will help you develop and implement a strategy that has both an immediate and long-term impact.

Rising to the challenge of the leadership crisis, together.

Every single leading organization is facing a very real truth: There aren’t enough qualified, ready leaders to fill their leadership ranks. Rise to the challenge with a partner who has worked with more than 1 million leaders—and understands how to get results.

Go way beyond simple assessments to get to the real data.

There are many ways to assess your leaders, but very few diagnostic tools that serve to both empower the individual leader and inform an effective leadership pipeline development strategy. Linkage’s assessments are research-backed, diagnostic, and provide you access to the leading trends you need to anticipate (and act on!).

Partnering with Linkage isn’t about putting a list of nice-sounding words on a plaque and letting it get dusty on some wall. Instead, Accolade and Linkage approached this as giving action to ideas, embedding them in the everyday.

Ryan Silberstein Program Manager, Business Intelligence Reporting, Accolade

Embracing an innovative mindset is critical to Ingram’s ongoing transformation. What we’ve been able to accomplish through transformational leadership is evidence of how taking a fresh look can yield results.

Shawn Morin CEO, Ingram Content Group

The Linkage and Synchrony partnership is very unique. Linkage brings both the expertise and hands-on collaboration that really helps deliver a great experience for our high-potential women leaders.

Dericka Hudson Vice President, Learning and Development, Synchrony

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