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Wesley Dorsett

It’s time to get on the balcony

We live in a world of constant going and doing where we rarely stop and think. What if we each took a step back to examine who we are and where we are going? How would our world change?

Organizational Design is pro-choice

What does neuroscience, human behavior and psychology have to do with the “hard stuff” of strategy and organizational structure—i.e., of designing an organization? EVERYTHING! If we don’t accept the fact that our default wiring for making decisions (and especially strategic decisions) is embedded in this world of unconscious drivers, we are bound to make less-than-optimal strategies and organizational design choices.

Update: The power of “people first” leadership

What makes an army of employees walk off the job, boycott, and jeopardize their very well-being to demand that their leader be reinstated?

Resilience is the new black

Maybe corporations won’t save the world…or maybe they will.

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The refreshing power of a “reluctant” leader

Reluctant leaders don’t make false promises and they have the rare ability to courageously clarify reality, frame realistic expectations, and engender resilience.

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