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Shannon Bayer

Tiffany Edwards and Chuck Wurl Join Linkage | A Growing Team of Directors of Strategic Accounts Focused on Purposeful Leadership, Inclusion, and Advancement of Women Leaders

We are excited to announce the newest additions to our team and welcome Tiffany Edwards and Chuck Wurl. As Directors of Strategic Accounts, Tiffany and Chuck will work with diverse client organizations across verticals. 

What Is the Edge Effect? How Collaborating Helps Us Thrive

The truth is that we all have the capacity to innovate and adapt–even in today’s hyper crazed and information-rich business world. The key is coming together in collaboration through the “edge effect” to leverage our differences.

“What ceiling am I going to crack tomorrow?’’

We can all learn something from the barrier-breaking new leader of the NBA Players Union.

I’m sorry…I hate you

Sometimes, the simple words “I’m sorry” are enough. But usually, we need something that goes a bit further. A real apology actually has three parts.

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