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Rita Buscher Kulis

Everything you need to know about creating a “change-able” organization

Learn how to create a culture where change is sustainable at all levels with our SlideShare, packed with everything that you need to know.

Top takeaways from the 2015 Women in Leadership Institute

Thank goodness I took a lot of notes at Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute because between the seven keynotes, five competency sessions, four days of learning team work…I learned a lot!

Closing out the 2015 Women in Leadership Institute

This happens every year. It seems like you blink and it’s Thursday, the final day of our Women in Leadership Institute.

You are your own competitive advantage

In this video, Wall Street veteran and Women in Leadership Institute faculty member Carla Harris shares the “pearls” that helped her become one of the most powerful and successful women on Wall Street.

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Sound bites from Day 1 at #LinkageWIL

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet hundreds of leaders at our Women in Leadership Institute over the past four years. I relish in the opportunity to find out what motivates them…

Culture makes or breaks you

There is something about day three at Linkage’s Global Institute for Leadership Development® that makes it different.

What’s your Life Goal in 6 words?

The question “What is your 6-word life goal?” is actually quite profound. In fact, some of the answers we heard from our colleagues here at Linkage are downright inspiring.

It’s not too late to learn to lead at GILD 2014 (video)

GILD helps leaders step up and meet the growing challenges of responsibilities of leading in the 21st century.

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