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Muriel Jones

Atul Gawande on How to Get Things Right in a Complex World

On January 5, Dr. Gawande joined Virgina Prescott for an exclusive NHPR interview as his new book The checklist Manifesto was coming out that very same week in paperback. On January 24, 2011, his article The Hot Spotters: Can we lower medical costs by giving the neediest patients better care? was posted on The New Yorker.

Marilyn King on Envisioning the Gold: An Olympian's Challenge to Business Leaders (video)

Marilyn King is a two-time Olympian in the grueling five-event Pentathlon (Munich, 1972 & Montreal, 1976). An automobile accident in 1979 rendered her unable to train physically for her third Olympic Team. Using only mental training techniques she placed second at the Olympic trials for the 1980 Moscow Games.

Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson (video)

What sparks the flash of brilliance? How does groundbreaking innovation happen? What kind of environment fosters the development of good ideas? Answering in his infectious, culturally omnivorous style, Steven Johnson provides the exciting and encouraging story of how we generate the ideas that push our careers, our lives, our society, and our culture forward.

2010 in Review: Les McKeown Talks About How to Get Your Organization on the Growth Track (Video)

In this presentation, offered as part of the Thought Leader Series in 2010, Les McKeown outlines the seven stages of an organization’s lifecycle, detailing ways in which we can help our organizations grow and succeed in a predictable manner.

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Dan Heath on Making Change Stick (video)

Back on May 12th of last year, best-selling author Dan Heath addressed leaders worldwide via satellite and the web, with a three part framework to make change happen and to make it stick.

2010 in Review: Hank Haney on A Roadmap to Excellence

Hank’s coaching experiences with the greatest players in the game of golf and with some of the most successful leaders in the world of business, have given him a unique and incredibly insightful perspective on what it takes to achieve and maintain greatness.

2010 in Review: Marshall Goldsmith on the Positive Actions Leaders Must Take to Start Winning Again

Back on April 14, 2010, New York Times best-selling author and America’s preeminent executive coach, Marshall Goldsmith, shared the power of Mojo with leaders worldwide in a presentation broadcasted via satellite and the web as part of the Thought Leader Series. This session was a true lesson in harnessing the power of loving what you do, and of exuding passion doing it to achieve greater results.

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