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Mitchell Nash

5 skills successful leaders share

There are no “magic bullets” or “secret formulas” to successful leadership. However, we’ve identified 5 core disciplines that successful leaders share. And each of the following disciplines can be learned and improved upon. It simply takes commitment and practice.

Compassion + communication = culture change

Change is a lot easier when your employees are fully on board with what you’re trying to do and are equipped to handle the normal human reactions that whole-scale change is guaranteed to bring about.

Managing the human side of change (video)

As you’ll see in the following video clip, “change” is only half the challenge. Managing the human side of change—transitions—is the key.

Empowerment trumps authority

Authority can compel action but it does little to inspire belief. It’s not enough to get people to do what you want, they also have to want what you want or any change is bound to be short lived.

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Change how you change (video)

Successful leaders must learn how to manage the practical elements of change as well as the emotional elements of how people react for the desired change to have a sustained and positive impact.

Change happens in the…Middle

Many change efforts fail because people reduce themselves to checking boxes in safe, defensible systems. Successful change leaders, on the other hand, are open, bold, innovative, and are usually in middle management.

Silicon Valley doesn’t always know best

Silicon Valley-style leadership will often backfire in older, more established companies.

12 Steps to Organizational Change: A Checklist

In our ever-changing business climate there are things you can, (actually, must) do to ensure that any organizational change process goes smoothly and leads to positive outcomes.

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