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Lauren Rodriguez

Newsbrief: Advancing Women & Inclusion

This is the first installment in our new “Newsbrief” series that’s specifically designed to call attention to the news and research that will help you be a better leader. Advancing Women and Inclusion is the focus this time, but all of our practice areas will be covered in future posts.

Studies show diversity = money

Studies show that more women and people of color in senior leadership correlates to better growth, innovation, and bottom-line returns. Hollywood is just slow to catch on.

Cracking the code of inclusive leadership

Are you looking to increase productivity and engagement, while also fostering a sense of security at work, and innovative thinking? Inclusive leaders do. And it works.

Intel commits $300 million to diversity: “It’s about time.”

It’s easy to highlight the diversity gap at most tech firms. But just because shockingly low diversity numbers are ubiquitous throughout the tech industry doesn’t mean that the problem is only a “tech problem.”

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Lessons in inclusion from…Leave It to Beaver?

There’s tremendous value in allowing and encouraging our colleagues to simply “be themselves.” The question is: How do you actually create the space that leads to a more inclusive organizational culture?

Does work-life balance even exist?

The most effective leaders don’t separate work from life per se. Rather, they know what they want, and find authentic, innovative, and integrated ways to go after their goals.

Fixing tech’s gender bias

Are the women in your organization encountering gender bias? Chances are the answer is yes. Here’s what you can do about it.

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