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Lonney Gregory

Leadership “training” is not enough

Training is only the first step in the learning process that can help you be a better leader.

Want innovative answers to complex problems? Ask “What?” not “Why?”

Asking “What would happen if…” is the most powerful way to begin understanding the difference between the current state and some future state an organization wants to achieve.

Collaboration or competition? Developing an innovative mindset

Contrary to the popular myth that only “gifted creative types” have the ability to innovate, an innovative mindset can be learned and developed in both individuals and organizations.

Leadership lessons from the Super Bowl

When considering any opportunity, leaders and managers should apply the same diligence to assessing success (the opportunity) as they do in assessing failure (the risk) using specific tools and disciplines.

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What is the inclusion solution?

Simply put, inclusive leaders get better performance from their employees.

Stop “playing” politics

What’s more effective: being more political and better at “playing the game” or simply being more authentic, values driven, and willing to understand what motivates people across an organization?

Leadership lessons from Star Trek

Inclusion is much more than a matter of political correctness. It’s mission critical.

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