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Charley Morrow

Is ego making you a bad leader? [video]

Confidence, when taken too far, can get leaders into trouble. It can (and sometimes does unknowingly) turn into grandiosity.

Fear is more than a four-letter word

If we recognize fear and our own courage, we can act in a way that is direct, frank and relatable.

“Exclusive” leadership is hurting your bottom line

Ignoring, disregarding, shunning, or excluding members of your organization can wreak havoc on your team and your bottom line. And many leaders don’t even know they’re doing it.

5 questions every team leader MUST answer

Successful teams don’t happen by accident. In fact, we’ve found that the leaders of high-performance teams always ask (and can answer) these 5 important questions.

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What’s more inclusive: cultivating belonging or uniqueness?

Putting a high premium on the “uniqueness” of each individual contributor in an organization may make for a highly innovative organization. But too much uniqueness can also lead to chaos.

How to keep high-performing teams performing

Even successful teams get off track. Many high-performing teams that work well day-to-day don’t do so well when the game changes or stress goes up.

Teams usually fail from the top down

If athletes have the talent to succeed, and the team still falls short, something must be wrong with the people in charge. According to recent data from Linkage’s research on team effectiveness, a similar pattern may apply to most business teams.

Diversity and Inclusion in the NFL?

Inclusive leaders balance two key elements of a paradox to engage everyone: They focus everyone’s attention on the key goal and they recognize everyone has a unique contribution and way of contributing. Despite the serious off-the-field trouble plaguing the NFL these days, an NFL football team is a perfect illustration of the positive impact that a diverse workforce and an inclusive leader can have on an organization.

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