Linkage Publishes New Research Showing a Direct Correlation Between Inclusion and Effectiveness


Sarah Breigle, Sr. Director of Marketing, Linkage, Inc. | 781.402.5599

Date: February 4, 2020

BOSTON, Mass: Linkage, a leading provider of strategic leadership development solutions, has published new research highlighting the link between inclusive behavior and effectiveness in leaders. 

The new study combines decades of research, as well as data from 360° assessments of high-performing leaders at premier organizations worldwide, to identify and describe the dimensions that most impact the effectiveness of leaders as it relates to inclusion. 

Effective leadership and inclusion, as understood by Linkage’s data, are one and the same,” said Kristen Howe, Chief Product Officer at Linkage. Without being inclusive, leaders will not be effective. 

The major conclusions of the research are detailed in a brand-new white paper titled Why the Most Effective Leaders Are Also the Most Inclusive Leaders,which explains the correlation between inclusion and effectiveness and provides critical data to organizations looking to create and maintain diverse leadership pipelines.

Among the insights included in the new research are:  

  • Inclusion is not happening at the same rate as diversity. 
  • Companies that increase diversity without increasing inclusion do not yield the benefits of a more diverse workforce over time. 
  • The aggregate of the 16 Inclusion Index behaviors is just as strong a predictor of effective leadership, as performance on the other five commitments of Purposeful Leadership®, proving that the most effective leaders are also the most inclusive leaders. 

“Linkage’s latest research shows that inclusion is an inherent component of becoming a stronger, more strategic leader,” said Howe. “This may require a mindset shift for some organizations. Instead of seeing inclusion as a singular objective, inclusion should be at the center of the organization’s leadership development philosophy. 

The research has informed the Creating Cultures of Inclusion solution at Linkage, which empowers companies and organizations to take active steps to improve the environment for all members of underrepresented groups and develop diverse leaders. Linkage launched innovative new inclusion-based leadership programming last year with the launch of the Leading with a Mindset of Inclusion Workshop and Virtual Sessions 

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