Linkage Publishes New Research on Advancing Women Leaders

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Sarah Breigle, Sr. Director of Marketing, Linkage, Inc. | 781.402.5599

Date – April 18, 2019

BOSTON, Mass: Linkage, a leading provider of strategic leadership development solutions, has published new research on the advancement of women leaders.

Women leaders perform better, stay at their companies longer, and advance in their careers when organizations address four strategic dimensions: culture, talent systems, professional development for women and executive action.

These are the major conclusions detailed in Changing the Game for Women in the Workplace, the new white paper that includes research from the Advancing Women Leaders practice at Linkage.

The new study combines decades of research, including the results of 360° assessments of women leaders at organizations across the United States, to identify and describe the dimensions that most impact the advancement of women leaders.

“Our research shows that women leaders perform better, stay at their companies longer, and advance in their careers when organizations address four strategic dimensions; Culture, Talent Systems, Focused Leadership Development and Executive Action,” said Mark Hannum, Chief Research Officer at Linkage.

The insights identified by the research include:

  • Women’s sense of belonging is 22% higher in cultures where they feel welcome and respected.
  • Top performing women leaders are 7% more likely to be found in organizations with top benefits.
  • Women are 7x more likely to be highly engaged if they are encouraged to take on growth opportunities.
  • Women are 14 % more likely to believe they will be promoted when executives at their organization formally sponsor or mentor women leaders.

“Together, we can—and will—change the game for women in the workplace,” said Hannum. “And this research can serve as an important jumping off point for organizations looking to begin or accelerate their work to advance women leaders.”

This research has informed the Advancing Women Leaders practice at Linkage, which empowers companies to take active steps to improve the environment for women and all members of underrepresented groups and develop individual women leaders.

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