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Linkage Identifies Outdated Tactics that Cause Organizations to Lose Time and Money on Inclusion


Sarah Breigle, Senior Director of Marketing, Linkage, Inc.

sbreigle@linkageinc.com | 781.402.5599

Date: August 31, 2020

BOSTON, Mass: Linkage, Inc., a premier leadership assessment and development firm whose mission is to change the face of leadership, has released brand-new research on inclusion in the workplace.

The Hard Truth about Inclusion in the Workplace: What Works (and What Doesn’t)” identifies the key factors aligned with creating cultures of inclusion, and offers a simple roadmap for organizations focused on sustainable change lasting inclusion

“Most organizations are committed to creating inclusive cultures where all employees feel they can contribute their unique Superpowers to the organization’s biggest priorities,” said Jennifer McCollum, CEO of Linkage. “The problem is they throw a lot of tactics at the problem with little to no gain.  This ground-breaking White Paper demystifies inclusion by boldly asserting what organizations should focus on immediately – and what they should stop.”

This research, conducted in 2020, included in-depth interviews with HR leaders and an extensive survey of professionals across many different companies. The survey studied more than 55 different drivers of inclusion—things like manager behavior, peer behavior, executive action, and a long list of inclusion “initiatives,” such as unconscious bias training and allyship programs. Of those 55 drivers, however, the research found that only a handful have a meaningful impact on inclusion.

“Linkage’s inclusion-focused products continue to grow to serve the expansive needs of leading organizations around the world,” said Kristen Howe, Chief Product Officer, whose team oversaw the research. “This new data directly informs our leadership measurement, including our Purposeful Leadership 360° Assessment with an Inclusion Scale and our Inclusive Organization Assessment.”

Linkage’s Creating Cultures of Inclusion Solution empowers organizations to drive long-lasting, measurable change at the organizational level, and is part of a suite of solutions in the leadership development space, including Advancing Women Leaders and Purposeful Leadership®.

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