Linkage Announces Groundbreaking Inclusive Organization Analysis


Sarah Breigle, Senior Director of Marketing, Linkage, Inc. | 781.402.5599

Date: April 22, 2020

BOSTON, Mass: Linkage, Inc., a leading provider of leadership assessment, development, coaching and consulting, released theInclusive Organization Analysis, a process designed to equip organizations with critical benchmark data necessary to build inclusive work cultures. The Inclusive Organization Analysis is informed by insights from Linkage’s Inclusive Organization Assessment™, a research-based, diagnostic assessment tool designed for organizations seeking to measure how inclusive they are. It provides critical benchmark data and leading indicators necessary to develop a comprehensive strategy to build an inclusive organization.  

The Assessment is based on Linkage’s research, which shows a direct correlation between inclusive behaviors and leadership effectiveness. The research identified the four dimensions organizations must address in order to achieve and maintain an inclusive organization: Culture, Talent Systems, Executive Action, and Leadership Development. The Inclusive Organization Assessment evaluates these dimensions, which include leading indicators associated with inclusivity and Net Promoter Scores (the likelihood of employees promoting their company to others), to equip organizations with the data they need to identify and act on areas that will have the greatest impact. 

Organizations continue to struggle to build cultures that truly value difference and give all employees opportunity to advance, said Kristen Howe, Chief Product Officer at Linkage. By building a more inclusive organization, companies can improve the quantity and quality of effective leaders and create an environment where all employees feel valued. 

In addition to gathering Assessment data from up to 1,000 leaders in an organization, the Analysis includes a strategic debrief session designed to distill critical business insights for executives within an organization. The data also uncovers a comparison of results across key demographic cuts to identify excluded populations and gaps in leadership perceptions, perceptual differences of inclusion between employees in leadership roles vs. non-leadership roles, and future access to benchmark data from other leading organizations working to create inclusive organizations. 

For more information about how to bring the Inclusive Organization Analysis to your organization, visit or call 781-402-5555. 

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