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A Message from our CEO:

Jennifer McCollum

At Linkage, we understand that strong leaders make strong organizations. We also know how critical it is for you and your leaders to be present and operating at the highest levels during challenging times.

For the next several months, we will continue to grapple with a quickly evolving global public health crisis. Viruses may be outside of our control, but our response to uncertainty—and our ability to maintain a healthy business and workforce—is a leadership imperative even more important in this environment.

We know you are experiencing significant disruption. Many businesses are already reporting a slowdown, or even a complete downturn. As communities take extra precautions, your employees are deeply impacted, with school closings, canceled events, concerns about travel, or fears about their own professional and economic futures. These anxieties are real, and they have a significant impact on each person’s ability to perform at their full potential.

In times like these, people look to strong leaders for direction, confidence and hope.

When challenges and threats are omnipresent, leaders must be at their best: They must be caring, calm, positive and future focused. But leaders are people too, and when we are bombarded with problems and obstacles, it is natural to become pessimistic. We certainly can’t ignore the difficult realities—but we also can’t let negativity become the default environment.

Our job as leaders is to rise above chaos and bring clarity to our teams. Our job is to be purposeful.

Organizations with Purposeful Leaders are more successful, with higher customer satisfaction and employee productivity. These leaders demonstrate the following behaviors:

  • They engage one another in a compassionate way.
  • They work with one another in truly collaborative ways.
  • They are emotionally present.
  • They build a culture of gratitude.

At Linkage, we continue to do everything we can to support your leaders in these difficult and ambiguous times. In our face-to-face workshops, digital deliveries, webinars, and coaching, we are using the coronavirus challenge as the context and backdrop for our work with leaders. And, we continue to expand our virtual and digital learning offerings for leaders, which include both collaborative and self-directed online learning opportunities. You can learn more at:

We are committed to providing leaders with timely and relevant free content designed to help you scale this time of uncertainty and change. We recently launched our new, on-going webinar series Critical Leadership Conversations, designed to empower leaders to ascend to new heights during this critical time. Join us regularly for the latest from inspiring thinkers, leaders, and innovators.

Here is an important truth to consider: Leadership is challenging—and most leaders, regardless of experience, are not nearly as effective as they could be. We are committed to changing the face of leadership, and we believe that all leaders are capable of performance far above what they are achieving today.

What could be more important in challenging times?

Please know that all of us at Linkage stand with you as you navigate this new reality, and we are eager to explore how we can support you as you continue to strengthen your talent and ready your leaders to emerge from a crisis even stronger.

I am always available to you. You can reach me at or 1.781.402.5471.

My best, always,
Jennifer McCollum, CEO, Linkage

Responding to Coronavirus

Linkage’s Official Statement: COVID-19

Linkage continues to closely monitor information around the global impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We will always prioritize the safety of our clients, partners, and employees, and we will continue to abide by recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure we are acting aggressively to mitigate any risk in our global community.

Linkage is uniquely positioned to support our clients through this time of need by offering a myriad of interactive, online learning experiences that can be delivered to your leaders 100% virtually.

Here is how we can help you right now with digital leadership development:

In times of uncertainty, we can count on the power of developing our people to ensure innovation and agility to advance past adversity.

Discover Accessible, Virtual Delivery Options

Virtual Conference: An immersive learning experience, designed for the here and now.

Virtual Women in Leadership Institute
Experience the Women in Leadership Institute virtually! Gain access to leadership development, specifically designed for women—all from the comfort of your home. Choose from two virtual passes to customize the experience to your professional goals.

On-Demand Online Learning: Self-paced digital learning programs built on articles, quizzes, videos and goals accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Digital Leadership Development
Purposeful Leadership® Essentials
Discover a self-paced digital learning program designed to equip leaders with the essentials of the research-backed Purposeful Leadership model.
Digital Leadership Development
Advancing Women Leaders Essentials
Discover a self-paced digital learning program designed to equip women leaders with the skills and tools they need to advance.

Digital Academies: A mix of individual activities (video, reflection and simulation), peer group work and weekly live facilitated webinars.

Purposeful Leadership® Digital Academy
Elevate the capabilities of your leaders in the critical areas associated with effective leadership through an innovative online learning experience.
Advancing Women Leaders Digital Academy
Give women leaders access to strategically targeted skill-building exercises, simulations, and case studies through an innovative online learning experience.

Virtual Sessions: Interactive webinars, case studies and activities designed for immediate, on-the-job application.

Virtual Learning
Purposeful Leadership® Virtual Sessions
Empower your leaders with a core understanding of Purposeful Leadership—with the goal of creating better, more effective leaders, through a 4-or 8-module virtual learning experience.
Virtual Learning
Advancing Women Leaders Virtual Sessions
Reach your on-the-go workforce through convenient virtual leadership development, specifically designed for women. This 4- or 8-module virtual learning experience is designed to empower women leaders to recognize the hurdles that impede their advancement in the workplace—and help them identify tools and best practices to help overcome these barriers.
Virtual Learning
Working with a Mindset of Inclusion Virtual Sessions
Empower your team with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively lead across difference through convenient virtual learning.
Virtual Learning
Purposeful Leadership®: Leading Inclusively for Senior Leaders Virtual Program
A virtual learning program designed to develop more effective and inclusive senior leaders.

Purposeful Leadership Acceleration Package Combine the best of Purposeful Leadership Development in this brand new, virtual learning experience

Digital Leadership Development
Purposeful Leadership®Acceleration Package
Unlock additional savings by combining Linkage’s Essentials, Coaching and insights from a 360° Assessment.

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