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Unconscious Bias: How the Best Leaders Are Rethinking Thinking

As humans, we tend to look at the world and those around us through our own lenses, influenced by geography, upbringing, education and many other factors. This bias, both conscious and unconscious, impacts employee engagement, attrition and the bottom line.

Good intentions and thoughtful decisions don't always lead to fair and inclusive outcomes. Through experiential learning, participants test and reflect on their own unconscious biases, recognize opportunities, have a chance to practice inclusive leadership skills, and learn tools to reframe thinking and behaviors in more positive and practical ways.

Unconscious Bias: How the Best Leaders Are Rethinking Thinking

What You Get

Attendees participate in a series of interactive exercises including the Linkage Career Card game, the "Who Am I?" activity, and the Personal in-group/out-group mapping. With this half-day workshop, participants:

  • Explore how their own conscious and unconscious biases affect behavior
  • Experience the impact of privilege and bias on career advancement
  • Recognize the responsibilities of leaders to overcome individual and organizational bias
  • Reframe people-related leadership decisions as opportunities for inclusion
  • Practice strategies and tools for inclusive leadership

At a Glance

This offering is available to bring on-site to your organization as a workshop.

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