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Purposeful Leadership Journey

Purposeful Leaders are able to identify a personal “why”—their motivation that drives them to push towards a defined objective—and they successfully translate this into an organizational “what for"—a broader vision and messaging that their teams can rally around.

Our research shows that there are five commitments that successful Purposeful Leaders make to themselves and their organizations. These commitments form the basis of the Purposeful Leadership Journey and the 360° Purposeful Leadership Assessment, which participants complete as pre-work.

The Purposeful Leadership Journey can be delivered in a single three-day, face-to-face experience or over time as a blended learning solution that includes individual coaching and peer action learning.

Purposeful Leadership Journey
What You Get


After experiencing the journey, participants will be able to 

  • Understand the dilemmas inherent in leadership and approach them through an understanding of their own values, experience and expertise
  • Describe the Purposeful Leadership model and identify how it informs our individual growth as leaders
  • Coach others purposefully
  • Create a Personal Action Plan that can be effected immediately to attain personal and strategic goals
  • Describe the courage that will be necessary to confront the status quo—on both a personal and organizational level—and understand how they can muster that courage and look to others for support
  • Understand that Becoming a Purposeful Leader is a lifelong journey and use a Journal to track progress

At a Glance

This offering is available to bring on-site to your organization as a workshop.

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