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Advancing Women Leaders (AWL) Academy

According to a McKinsey report "Why Diversity Matters," companies with a higher share of women at the executive level outperform those with fewer women—they achieve 41% higher return on equity and 45% better operating results.

Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders Academy is a 9-module learning experience that seeks to help women address the unseen barriers (or hurdles) that impede their advancement and to develop their unique leadership identities. These barriers are both external (seen as second-generation bias) and internal (incorporated into women’s identities). 

Through strategically targeted skill-building, simulations, case studies and interactions with other women leaders, Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders Academy supports women in surmounting both external and internal bias and developing leadership strengths, thereby creating a direct impact to the business.

Advancing Women Leaders (AWL) Academy

The program is built around Linkage’s Seven Hurdles, which our research confirms impede the advancement of women: Bias, Clarity, Proving Your Value, Recognized Confidence, Branding & Presence, Making the Ask, and Networking.

Watch Linkage's Susan MacKenty Brady explain the 7 Hurdles in this short video

What is the biggest hurdle you face in the workplace? Find out through our 2-minute quiz

Academy Modules and Related Hurdles

Module 1: Foundations of Advancing Women Leaders (All Hurdles and The Inner Critic)

Module 2: What About Bias? (Hurdle: Bias)

Module 3: Clarify What You’re Up For (Hurdle: Clarity)

Module 4: Move Beyond Self-Reliance–Equip and Empower Others (Hurdle: Proving Your Value)

Module 5: Recognized Confidence - Risk It:  The Art of Bold (Hurdle: Recognized Confidence)

Module 6: Claim Your Unique Superpowers (Hurdle: Branding & Presence)

Module 7: Ask for What You Want (Hurdle: Making the Ask)

Module 8: Build and Leverage Relationships (Hurdle: Networking)

Module 9: Conclusions (All Hurdles)

At a Glance

This offering is available to bring on-site to your organization as a workshop.

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