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Effective teams are not self-originating—they require great leaders who bring out the best in every team member. Those team members go on to deliver enhanced results within their teams—and it is the sum of those teams’ efforts that deliver peak performance and outputs at an organizational level.

Our customized solutions leverage our extensive experience with hundreds of organizations and their teams to develop a unique approach tailored to your organization’s specific talent and needs.

Your organization’s custom solution will vary based on the results of your Team Effectiveness Assessment, an assessment that digs deep to provide significant insight into your actual performance, including strengths, opportunities, and areas of weakness. Your results will shape a custom path forward to strengthen your leaders, individuals, and teams as a whole—that might mean a full-team meeting, small group sessions, individual and executive coaching, skill-building workshops and exercises, or any number of tools.

Drive bottom-line results through more efficient teams. Talk with a Linkage expert to learn how.


But our approach is about more than a single session or tool. We provide a full suite of consulting, training, assessment, and coaching services to shift intact teams to peak-performing teams—this full suite allows us to work with individuals and leaders, as well as to facilitate cross-team collaboration as is appropriate. Importantly, we don’t wrap our involvement after session facilitation ends—we continue to work with you to define tangible, measurable objectives so that we can identify progress and track results against your goals, as well as against your organization’s needs as a whole.

It’s about more than developing leaders or even simply team training—and for one simple reason: when the team gets better results, it is more highly functioning, innovative, and cohesive. In a word, it’s about effectiveness—and our hands-on solutions develop just that, tying proven tools to specific objectives and outcomes to drive comprehensive team effectiveness, and results, to your bottom line.

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