License A Linkage Executive Leadership Development Program


Training—On the Ball and On Demand

Love our training and executive leadership and team development programs, but need a way to keep it coming without the time or expense of sending each employee to individual training? License one of our programs to get everything you need to deliver any of our 60+ training sessions to as many members of your organization as desired, on your schedule, at minimal cost.

How does it work? Simply select your program and let us know your specific organizational, individual, or team development needs and goals—we’ll customize the content for your organization and team so that it’s a perfect fit. You’ll get our proven content and session materials, as well as training for your own in-house trainer so that you can train staff on an as-needed basis. Your trainer will complete the train-the-trainer program via an on-site, hosted, or open enrollment workshop, learning the materials inside and out, while also being coached on how to be an expert facilitator.

Our content, your team, your schedule. It’s really just that easy.

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