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My team is my organization’s lifeline to sustainable success.

The Global Institute for
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Palm Desert, CA
October 4-9

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Are you developing your products or your people? Only one gives you a sustainable advantage…

Harley Ostis

President and CEO

"Highly effective leaders are far from perfect, but what they do consistently have is an accurate self-understanding. By investing in these leaders, organizations are able to create a unique culture that you just can’t ‘make.’ This culture pushes leader and organizational success."

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It Isn’t Just About Today—It’s About Sustainability

Great products and great results don’t come easily—and without the right leadership, they likely don’t come at all. Great leaders are invaluable to your organization, developing tomorrow’s ideas today and envisioning the “what’s next”—but the high-performing leaders that drive your organization’s success aren’t just born—they’re made.

In our 25+ years in the business, we’ve found something to be consistently true: companies that don’t invest in leadership development struggle to achieve sustainable results. And, at the end of the day, that’s what it’s about—developing leaders that deliver results that outperform the competition.

However, the meaning of “greatness” is as unique as your organization and there is no “one size fits all” solution to leadership development. You need a multidimensional, flexible solution that takes the best of proven methods and fits them to your organization, its leaders, and its goals.

Drive measurable results. Learn a proven approach.

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Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Leverage our experience, workshops and research in 60+ leadership topics all tailored to your organization’s competencies.

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Get insight into your leaders’ approaches, strengths, and developmental paths.

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Institutes & Summits

Institutes & Summits

Give your leaders the opportunity to adopt new behaviors, network, and learn from a world-class faculty.

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Our workshops use real-life business challenges for immediate application on the job.


Here’s how to be the “maestro” of your organization

May 26, 2015, Bill Springer

"I couldn’t have been more skeptical," writes New York Times music critic James R. Oestreich about his experience watching conductor and longtime Linkage faculty member Roger Nierenberg explain organizational leadership principles with a full orchestra. "I couldn't have been more wrong."

How Can Linkage Help You?

You know what they say: give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but teach a man to fish… Your leaders are your organization’s fishing pole—and we’re the guidebook that helps that pole to keep dropping fish in the barrel.

The options are endless and the path to developing your leaders is unique: discover your leaders’ talents with individual or team assessments, target individual potential with one-on-one executive coaching, measure impacts with Return on Leadership Development (ROL). Take an approach as unique as your talent with customized solutions.

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