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Diversity Is the Beginning, Not the End: Reducing Unconscious Bias in Your Organization and Fostering an Inclusive Culture

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Advancing Women Leaders in Organizations: A “How To”

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Susan MacKenty Brady

Lead Strategist, Advancing Women & Inclusion

“Advancing diverse leaders and creating an inclusive culture are not individual efforts; they’re symbiotic. Inclusive leaders develop inclusive cultures—and inclusive cultures foster stronger leaders and teams that drive exponential results.”


Inclusive Organizations Don’t Just Happen—They're Made

Building an inclusive culture requires developing inclusive leadership. Inclusive leaders are courageous and curious and look for new perspectives; they are adaptive to new ways of doing things and build relationships easily. These inclusive leaders create trust by sharing credit and decision-making authority.

There’s a good reason that inclusive leaders foster loyal and productive teams—they leverage their teams’ individual talents and help to build individual strengths while inviting opinions. They help create cultures that embrace diversity, thrive on synergy, and produce exponentially high results.

Inclusive organizations focus on attracting, developing, and advancing women and underrepresented populations by removing roadblocks, gaining stakeholder buy-in, fostering inclusive leaders, uncovering unconscious bias, and developing opportunities for growth.

Create a culture of inclusion to create better results. Learn a proven approach.

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Advancing Women Leaders: A Q&A with Millie Marshall

September 14, 2018, Kerry Seitz

In this blog series, we’ll be sharing leadership advice from our 2018 Executive Impact Award recipients. In today’s post, Millie Marshall, President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, discusses the importance of embracing change, and how meaningful mentorships with women leaders foster a sense of personal and professional pride for mentee and mentor alike.

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What Can Linkage Do for Your Organization?

Solve the “chicken or the egg” equation for your organization with an approach that recognizes the shared responsibility of both a receptive, inclusive culture and high-potential inclusive leadership to effect positive change—and develops the two in tandem. Our customizable services can help your organization from start to finish or pick up at any point in between.

Assess your current team to find hidden potential, map how to develop an inclusive workplace environment, train future women leaders, or advance your organization’s capacity to accelerate female leadership.

Every organization’s needs and talent are unique—shouldn’t your path forward be equally as unique?