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About Linkage

People Focused. Strategically Oriented. Results Driven.

For more than 25 years, Linkage has provided leadership development insights, learning and strategy to organizations looking to strengthen their leaders, more effectively engage their teams, and build cultures of employee engagement that achieve and exceed organizational objectives.

By understanding your organization's needs for leadership development, talent management, employee engagement, executive coaching, advancing women leaders and building inclusive cultures, we can align Linkage's expertise in consulting and executive coaching services, our work in human capital and talent management, leadership assessment services, onsite or offsite training and development programs, and action learning institutes to help your organization plan, act and transform your organization's human capital to create real results and lasting impact.

Since 1988, we have worked with more than 500,000 leaders and managers from around the globe. Among our clients and partners are Fortune 1000 organizations and leaders, start-up companies, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions and everything in between. We operate offices worldwide and work with world-class coaches, consultants, and educators to deliver tailored leadership development solutions using proven models, methodologies and action learning approaches. Whether you have a well-developed talent management function or are just beginning to explore your organization's leadership development needs, we can design scalable solutions to achieve your strategic organizational objectives.

We pride ourselves on our team, our clients, and our focus on your success.


Mission and Values

With a vast network of global thought leaders, we integrate ideas and methodologies and apply them to learning experiences that range from large-scale leadership events others can’t match, to unparalleled quality in leadership development consulting, training, and coaching. At Linkage, we inspire people, generate ideas, and provide practical approaches that make positive change a real part of day-to-day business. We link all that we do, all that we learn, all that we hear from our clients and the marketplace, and all the results that we drive, to tailor solutions that engage and accelerate the growth and learning of people.

  • We value our clients 
  • We value human potential, human capital and one another 
  • We value the power of continuous learning and personal development 
  • We value and reward initiative and hard work 
  • We value the achievement of goals and breakthrough results


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Linkage Worldwide

Linkage is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, with operations in Austin, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, St. Louis, and Washington, DC, and outside the US in Athens, Bangalore, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait City, Mexico City, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sydney. 

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