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2018 Women in Leadership Executive Impact Award
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Linkage Welcomes New CEO Jennifer McCollum

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Sir Andrew Witty to Receive Linkage's Warren Bennis Award

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The Women in Leadership Institute
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Join us Nov. 12-15, 2018
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Accelerate Learning, Accelerate Success

More than 500,000 leaders have attended our Institutes to date—and for good reason. These action-packed, multi-day programs are full of immersive, hands-on workshops, coaching sessions, networking opportunities, and more.

Which Institute is right for you?

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Start with Insights

Assessments are the cornerstone of our approach, providing insights into your strengths and opportunities—this foundational vantage point is integral. Our standard, tailored, and custom business-oriented assessments promote organizational and leadership development, providing the foundation to build and grow skills and values.

Each assessment has a different focus and approach: Which one is right for you?

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Practical Learning

Our on-site and open-enrollment workshops provide hands-on learning on a variety of organization and leadership development topics in a small, intimate setting.

Here’s what’s coming next:

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Build from Within

Great leaders build and guide results through others—but not without some guidance.

  • Our coaching services include one-on-one coaching for executives and leaders, coach-the-coach sessions, team coaching, and coaching for board members
  • Receive an individualized approach tailored for your strengths, needs, and goals
  • All of our coaches have, on average, 15+ years of firsthand experience in a business environment

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Your go-to partner for best-in-class leadership content

Make any of our bestselling, customizable programs your own by licensing our content so that you can provide training tailored to your organization at any time.

  • Fast and easy access to customized content for your specific business needs
  • Freedom from the labor-intensive process of content research and development
  • Flexibility to train whenever necessary, for a small or large audience
  • Content that generates proven results

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Advancing Women Leaders: A Q&A with Millie Marshall

September 14, 2018, Kerry Seitz

In this blog series, we’ll be sharing leadership advice from our 2018 Executive Impact Award recipients. In today’s post, Millie Marshall, President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, discusses the importance of embracing change, and how meaningful mentorships with women leaders foster a sense of personal and professional pride for mentee and mentor alike.